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November 13, 2021

Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs do not bite people or pets, and they are not known to transmit disease. Some people may be allergic to stink bugs or their scent, but that is fairly rare.

In fall, stink bugs look for a place to wait out the winter, and our homes are the perfect place. They are masters at finding a way in through the smallest openings, and they like to stay in clusters. That means dozens to hundreds of these bugs may try to take over your attic, closet, kitchen, or bedroom to overwinter.

Stink bugs can get into your clothes, drawers, windows, purses, boxes, and really any place that looks cozy to a stink bug. Once inside, they release scent signals that can draw even more stink bugs.

Stink Bug FAQs

The first stink bugs were spotted in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1998, but it thought they were present and establishing their population for years at that point. It is likely they entered the country in a shipping container from Asia.

Today, stink bugs are in almost every U.S. State and several Canadian provinces. With very few predators in North America, they are almost unstoppable.

Do stink bugs bite? No. Stink bugs have a long proboscis that they use to pierce fruit and plants, from which they suck their sustenance.

Do stink bugs lay eggs inside? No. The only reason stink bugs enter your home is to find a warm place to hide for winter.

Stink bugs emit a skunky scent when threatened (or stepped on, or swatted).

Call in the Stink Bug Experts

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