Stinging Insects

Stinging Insects

When spring and summer come to Pennsylvania, stinging insects are almost everywhere. Many are harmless. Some are aggressive. Most importantly, a member of your family may have a serious allergic reaction if stung.

What’s the best thing to do? Call the experts at Court Pest Control. We can set your mind at ease, eliminate active nests, and make your outdoor experiences at home more pleasant.

While you don’t want honeybees around your home, they are important pollinators and we do our best to work with local bee keepers in preserving hives whenever possible.

Wasps are protective of their nests and can become quite aggressive when disturbed. Worse, these stinging insects have smooth stingers and can sting repeatedly until they are certain the threat to their safety (you) have been dealt with.

You may find ground wasps, paper wasp nests hanging from the eaves of your home, carpenter bees digging into your decking, or the carnivorous bald-faced hornet flying around your home.

Court Pest Control is experienced at handling all these threats quickly, efficiently, and safely. Call us at 412-672-7378.

Tips to Avoid Problems

Plant flower gardens away from your home. Gardens attract a variety of stinging insects. Both the flowerbeds and the bees, hornets, and others attracted to them are beneficial, but establishing gardens close to your windows and doors could cause problems.

Check your decks and any weathered or unfinished wood around your home. Carpenter bees nest in wood and the males are territorial. They see you as invading their space, and they will try to keep you away.

When doing yard work, watch for the ground holes of yellow jackets. You don’t want to have your kids accidentally stir up a swarm of stinging insects or run over an underground hive with your lawn mower!