Bat & Bird Removal

Bat & Bird Control

Bat & bird control are a very specialized part of our industry. Bat & bird problems can cause extensive damage with their droppings. It requires specialized training, equipment, techniques, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge of bat & bird biology and behavior.

Effective bat control requires a full site inspection and 100% of the structure must be properly sealed, including gaps as small as 1/4 inch wide. This can obviously become quite labor intensive. In some instances the primary entrance or exit holes are the only access points available and basic repairs and an exclusion may be sufficient but many times there are areas that only experienced bat removalists would know.

Once the bats are removed exclusion work must be completed to prevent the bats from returning to the roost site. All of our exclusion methods are done with the bats safety as a top priority. It is important to note that bats are a protected species and very beneficial to the environment.

Bird control products from Court pest control are effective, safe, and humane. Do you have problems with Pigeons, Sparrows, Seagulls, Starlings, Crows, or Geese? Call our bird control professionals for effective products designed to solve the toughest bird problems.

Health Hazards Associated with Bird and Bat Droppings

Health Risks from bats and birds can be very serious.

Large populations of roosting birds may present the risk of disease to people nearby.

The most serious health risks arise from disease organisms that can grow in the nutrient rich accumulations of droppings, feathers and debris. External parasites can also become a problem when infested birds or bats leave the roosts or nests. The parasites can then invade buildings and bite people.

Exclusion Services

Court Pest Control provides exclusion services you can count on. We provide a full site inspection and make sure 100% of your home’s structure is properly sealed against the return of birds and bats.

Our expert bat removalists know all the possible entry and hiding places.

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