When the leaves start to change and temperature drops, it’s always nice to have a warm place to reside. A cup of hot cocoa and a movie can turn any chilly day into a delightful experience. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who wants to have a warm place to stay during the winter. Every year, Pennsylvanians are bombarded with rodents, like rats and mice, sneaking into their homes, looking for shelter and something to eat.
Apart from calling a local rodent control specialist, there are a few ways to prevent these invaders from entering your house.

Seal Up Entry Points

While this seems like common sense, most people don’t realize that there are openings around your home that allow mice and rats free access to your residence. Look for cracks and holes where utility pipes come in, around vents and chimneys, and especially around the base of your home. Seal up cracks and install tough mesh in larger openings. Install or replace old weather stripping. Remember, rats can squeeze through cracks that are a ½ inch in diameter! Are you sure you’ve checked everywhere?

Protect Your Food

Rodents are drawn to areas where they have shelter and an abundance of food. Your kitchen and pantry are a dream come true for rats and mice. However, you should be doing specific things to avoid having unwanted guests in there. First off, make sure all your food is in airtight containers and that the garbage is emptied regularly. Cleanliness and preparation are the key. If you have things stored in cardboard boxes, there is an open invitation for rodents to enter. They’re easily able to gnaw through and if they like the place, they may even create a nest there. Use plastic storage containers instead.

Hire a Professional

Most busy Americans have limited time outside of work, and usually want to spend it with family and friends – not fixing up the house and becoming a mouse control expert. Court Pest Control is the trusted source in the area for all rodents and other pest issues you may face. Give us a call today, we’ll have your rodent problem taken care of in no time.