Winter Rodent Control

As the air gains its chill and the trees lose their leaves, pests of all kinds seem to disappear. Spiders sometimes find their way into the warmth, but most others are as gone as the warmth of summer. Pest Control companies see a huge dropoff in pest calls, but actually an uptick in rodent infestation calls. You may ask yourself, “Why is this?”

The easy answer is, “they try to stay out of the weather for the same reason you do.” Animals are better suited for the outdoor environment than us humans, but still, they prefer less harsh conditions then the winter chill and wind. This creates the need to rodent-proof your home or call court pest control to help you do so.

Fun Fact: Americans spend over four billion dollars a year trying to rid their homes of rodents. This fact itself points to the undeniable proof that our homes are vulnerable to unwanted rodents, such as mice and rats.

So, what can be done about rodent damage?

The first thing you’ll do is simply look. Look for signs of rodent activity, such as scratch marks, wires that look like they’ve been chewed, and rodent feces. If none are found in the garage, basement, attic, and sub areas, walk around your house to inspect whether, or not, there are holes or spaces where mice or rats can squeeze in. Remember, adult rats can fit through a hole ½ inch in diameter. Mice can squeeze through even smaller gaps, down to ¼ inch!

Tip: Wire mesh works well for sealing these holes without needing any extensive tools or experience.

The best way to get proven results (lack of rodents) is to give a trusted, local pest professional a call. Rodents are extremely hard to get rid of due to their hardy nature and ability to have large litters every few months. So, make a cup of hot chocolate and turn on a movie. Enjoy the winter months, pest and rodent-free.